If you love chocolate, this chocolate will love you back. It’s the decadent way to get vitamins, fiber and minerals into your diet.


Health by Chocolate has pioneered the way for functional chocolate with products that combine organic dark chocolate with a proprietary blend of herbs, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. The bars come in three different varieties: Beautiful Bones, Women's Wonder and Instant Beauty Bliss.


Beautiful Bones incorporates calcium, vitamin D and vitamin K. All of which are necessary for maintaining bone mass and density. Women's Wonder contains soy and chaste tree berry, which help to support healthy hormone levels in women. Instant Beauty Bliss contains ingredients such as cranberry seed oil, high in EFAs and mixed caroentoids, which can help to correct imbalances of the skin.

These rich, dark chocolate confections contain more fiber than an apple and are a low-glycemic treat. Dark chocolate has natural feel-good chemicals and cocoa has more antioxidants per serving than green tea or red wine. The added fiber slows down the release of sugar into the body preventing blood sugar spikes and crashes.

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